Emmanuel means and is

"God with us" 


Emmanuel Children's Village in Jeremie, Haiti, was founded in 2013, but truly began years before when Pastor Honore Guerrier and his wife Mona began caring for orphaned and abandoned children in a deserted nightclub in downtown Jeremie.  The story of Emmanuel is one of joy in the midst of heartache, relationship and family, and miraculous provision from God for His beloved children. 

Religion that our God accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress....   James 1:27



In 2013, several members of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Cross Plains, TN tagged along on two different mission trips with another church who sponsored an orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti. While there, they all met another group of orphaned and abandoned children who lived in an deserted nightclub in downtown Jeremie, cared for by a pastor and his wife. The children were in dire poverty, but were sweet and well behaved. In July 2013, while a team was there, the IBESR of Haiti (Children's Services), gave the group 30 days to leave the premises.  When the team asked where the children would go, the answers were heartbreaking....

  • on the streets

  • to the witch doctors

  • most likely they would become "restaveks," one of the many, many child slaves in Haiti

The team members asked their host, Pastor Dony St. Germain of ESMI, what they could do.

His answer: "pray." 

The team did just that. The other church could not take on any more children, and the only answer seemed to be to raise the funds to build an new orphanage on land that had been given to Pastor Honore by UNICEF years before. But from where would these funds come? The team prayed, returned to the United States and two days later, from Robertson County, Tennessee, the full $50,000 was given to build the children a home. The only stipulation from the donor was that it be anonymous and that all glory would go to God. 

The very next Sunday, the people of Mt. Carmel committed to sponsor all 50 children. The orphanage was finished in late 2013, and in February 2014, Mt. Carmel sent their first JUST GO Haiti team to Jeremie. The story of Emmanuel has continued to be a story of God providing for His children in miraculous ways, and always for His glory.

the goal at the beginning was simply to provide a home for 50 children who needed one. nobody could have even dreamed of...

  • a church that would reach many, many people who would otherwise never hear the gospel

  • a school with 450 children providing desperately needed education and a warm meal every day

  • Tennessee farmers sharing what they know with Haitian agriculture students

  • American doctors, nurses and dentists treating people in Haiti who have nowhere to turn for their medical needs

  • two transition homes for the children as they age out of the orphanage

  • Papa Noel bringing joy and the story of Jesus to thousands upon thousands of eager children

  • a relationship with our Haitian family that brings more joy than anyone could ever imagine

The whole earth is full of His glory. Isaiah 6:3

Pastor Honore and Momma Mona

Called by God to care for "their" children in such a remarkable way. We are continually blessed by them and their steadfast faith.


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