Dentistry in Haiti 

The need for dentistry in rural western Haiti is great. The people in Jeremie and Chateau (the community around Emmanuel) do not have access to regular dental treatment and preventative services due to lack of money, extremely limited availability of dental professionals and the inability to travel to receive dental care.  


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dental care for the emmanuel children

Dr. Chris Sandlin and Dr. Jay Thompson came to Haiti in July 2017 and treated all of the Emmanuel children and adult's teeth. The dentists, assisted by the team, filled cavities, pulled teeth, treated cavities in baby teeth using a liquid treatment that stops decay, SDF (silver diamide fluoride) and applied fluroide varnish to prevent future tooth decay. 

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dental clinics for the community 

The first ever Dental Clinic for the Chateau community around Emmanuel was held in July 2017. Over 100 people were waiting when the team arrived, and all in need of extractions were treated by that evening. By extracting the appropriate teeth, the dentists are alleviating many people of chronic pain they have endured for many months, sometimes even years.