came directly over Emmanuel Children's Village on October 7, 2016. While the children were huddled in their dormitory, the concrete church and all other buildings were literally blown away. The boys, on the second floor, ran downstairs when the roof blew off of that building, and the children, Pastor Honore and Mona, huddled in the dark reciting the 23rd Psalm. God spared their lives that day as the storm raged for over 12 hours,  and for that, we are eternally grateful.



rebati means rebuild in creole...

and became the name of our effort to raise the funds to replace the lost structures and surround the village with a secure wall. Be watching this page for the complete story of how God has provided along with updates on the rebuilding process.

thank you to all who gave generously to rebuild the emmanuel children's village... 

Click through this slideshow for some photos of the new wall being built along with the first photos of the construction of the new church and new larger gazebo.