Ecole d'Emmanuel, which opened in September 2016, now serves over 300 students in kindergarten, primary and secondary grades, providing a Christian education and a warm meal to children from the orphanage and the community and mountains surrounding the village. 


The 16 room school building at Emmanuel will be completed in late 2017, built by our Canadian partner, Christianne Malenfant. Over 300 students are enrolled in classes for the 2017-18 school year and receive a warm meal each and every school day, often the only one they have in a day. Mt. Carmel sponsors the school on a monthly basis and provides those meals. Funds for the school bus were donated in 2015 through Mt. Carmel and the bus now travels into the mountains two times each morning and two times each afternoon to pick up and drop off schoolchildren who would not be able to attend school otherwise. The bus also provides transportation for church members to be able to come to worship services and allows our teams to take the whole crew to the beach! 

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The Emmanuel children all wear uniforms...grey for the high schoolers, blue check for the middle grades and pink check for the kindergartners. 

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