How much does a trip cost?

The cost of each Just Go Haiti 7 day trip is $1,225 plus airfare. (Average trip is $1,950). Trip expenses include: 

  • Chartered flight to and from Jeremie (from Port au Prince)

  • Travel Insurance

  • Guest House Accommodations

  • Fuel for the baggage truck and vehicles used during the week

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily

  • Beverages (Bottled water, cokes, coffee, etc)

  • Fuel for the generator

  • Staff and translators in Haiti

  • Hotel costs in Miami or Port au Prince.

how do i sign up for a trip?

A completed Registration Form and $100 deposit are required to hold a spot on a Just Go Haiti trip. If a trip becomes full, registrants will be placed on a waiting list in the order their registration form and deposit are received. You may register and pay your deposit by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

what shots and medication  do i need?

We highly recommend the following for all mission trip particpants: 

  • Hepatitis A and B vaccinations

  • Typhoid (pill lasts five years, shot lasts two years)

  • Current Tetanus vaccination

  • Malaria Pills

Team members may make an appointment with Donna Hall at NorthCrest Primary Care or any travel clinic. Check with your insurance provider to see if immunizations are covered under preventative servies with your particular plan. 


For more information on vaccinations, go to

what do we eat?

Breakfast and supper are provided for teams. Breakfast can be pancakes, eggs, or Haitian spaghetti! Supper will consist of rice and beans with fried meat which could include chicken, goat, turkey, conch, lobster or fish. Teams generally take lunch food, but team members are encouraged to pack snacks such as nuts, granola bars, peanut butter and crackers. etc. Clean bottled water is provided for the teams. 

what do i pack? 

The team leader will give each member a Packing List at the first team meeting. Teams will meet two times along with a Packing Party prior to travel.  The leader will give out detailed information regarding what is to be expected, including payment schedule, passports, immunizations and trip itinerary. 

is it safe?

It is impossible to guarantee safety even between your house and WalMart, but every effort is made to ensure the safety of our teams. All team members are registered with the US Embassy in Port au Prince, Haiti and follow closely for any alerts from them. We are met and escorted the whole time by two representatives of ESMI, Fanuel St. Germain and Richard Senat Jean, who serve as translator, guide, bus driver and security detail for the teams while in Haiti. The compound in Jeremie where we stay is a gated community manned by a guard at all times. Teams stay in a primarily rural area with very friendly people, a world away from Port au Prince. 



The age limit for Just Go Haiti Trips is 15 for teenagers traveling without a parent and 12 for children traveling with a parent. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

will i need a passport? 

Yes, you will need a current passport that does not expire within seven months of travel. We will need a copy of your passport - the team leader will take this with them on the trip.

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